2022 Centre Sluggers / Hardballers Online Waiver Form
We have joined a baseball club because we love baseball. Our club has several teams and many players but we are all a part of the same club. These are the rules we play by and the things we have agreed on.
  1. The winners are the players who have the most fun.
  2. We will try to balance our team strengths so that all our games are close and not one-sided.
  3. We are not eighteen anymore, so we don’t need to dive for every ball or slide into every base.
  4. We will never intentionally cause a collision with another player on any team, whether at home plate or at any base.
  5. We will never intentionally hurt any other player because we understand that all of us need to go to work on the morning after the game and feel good about the game we played.
  6. We have families and jobs and they are our first responsibilities.
  7. We want to play and help others to play so that youngsters will come to watch us and learn that they will be able to play baseball or other games as long as they live.
Each of us will sign a copy of this statement and remind each other of what it says whenever we need to. ~ Paul MazzaWAIVER & RELEASE OF LIABILITYIn consideration of being allowed to utilize baseball fields and facilities located in Ferguson Township, State College, Pennsylvania and operated by the State College Area Teener League, Inc. (the Facilities), and in connection with use of the Facilities for athletic activities, including, but not limited to, attendance at and participation in baseball games, the undersigned:
  1. Agrees that, prior to participating, he/she will inspect the facilities and equipment to be used and will immediately make the State College Area Teener league aware if he/she believes any aspect of the facility is unsafe and in such event he/she will refuse to participate.
  2. Acknowledges and fully understands that each participant will be engaging in activities that involve the risk of serious injury, including permanent disability and death, as well as severe social and economic losses which might result not only from his/her own actions, inactions or negligence, but also the actions, inactions or negligence of others or from the rules of play or the condition of the Facilities and equipment used therein.  There also may be other risks that are not known to State College Area Teener League or that were not reasonably foreseeable at the time of participation or signing of the Waiver and Release.
  3. The undersigned agrees and assumes all of the foregoing risks and accepts personal responsibility for any and all damages resulting from any injury, permanent disability or death that may occur in connection with the use of the Facilities for baseball games, practice, or other athletic events and/or purposes of watching or attendance as a spectator.
  4. Releases, waives, discharges and covenants not to sue the State College Area Teener League, its affiliated clubs, their respective administrators, officers, Board members, coaches, managers, other participants, sponsoring agencies, partners, owners, lessors and licensors of the subject premises, hereinafter referred to as "Releasees" from demands, losses or damages on account of injury, including death or damage to property, caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise.
  5. Explicitly agrees that the "Releasees" shall also include Ferguson Township, S&A Homes, Johnson Farm Associates, Landings Property Owners Association, API Technologies Corporation, Centre Sluggers, and Centre Hardballers, and any officers or members thereof.
  6. Have read, understand, and will abide by the "Why We Play" statement.

TEAM SELECTION [Please choose one]:
If you are playing in both leagues (28+ Sluggers and 40+ Hardballers) please select the Sluggers team as your Team selection. One Waiver & Release submission will be used for both leagues. 

I have carefully read the foregoing waiver and release, understand its content, meaning and purpose and agree to all the terms with full knowledge and understanding. By selecting the following checkbox and filling out the associated date field, I am authorizing Centre Sluggers to store and retain this information as my digital signature on the waiver & release form.